Eagle Pharma version of Primobolan, one of the world’s most sought after anabolic steroids. Nothing bad can be said about ep-primo
and its popularity is greatly justified by its unique characteristics. it cannot aromatize to estrogen and there is no water retention which
results in a lean and hard look. it will burn fat while preventing loss of muscle mass during a diet, it will keep the body in an anabolic
state with a greatly elevated nitrogen balance and has also shown to be a great immune defense enhancer. there is no toxicity to the
liver and kidneys, which makes it very safe to use and even over very long periods. EP.Primo is a slow-released long-acting steroid
and will produce steady quality muscle gains that can be considered almost permanent. it is widely recommended to be used for a
minimum of 14-16 weeks with a dosage of no less than 400mg per week. it is very often advantageously stacked with moderately to
highly androgenic steroids that do not aromatize – like EP.masteron, EP.Tren-H, EP.winstrol and EP.Boldenone. EP.Anavar can be added
in to combo with benefit.