sustains a constant release of testosterone in the blood due to its slow and fast acting testosterone esters. Testosterone is the
primary male sex hormone and is as such considered to be the king of steroids.Testosterone is an androgenic steroid with very
strong anabolic and anti-catabolic characteristics and will lead to an impressively solid buildup of muscle mass combined with great
strength gains and athletic endurance. A drastic increase in sex drive can be expected. Due to the Fast-acting esters in Induject,
it is very common to inject more often than EP.Test-E and EP.Test-Cyp which both contain slow-released esters and the unmistakable
effect of testosterone can be felt quickly with

EP.Sustanone . it can be stacked very successfully with any other steroids. it is mostly used for mass cycles and a popular combo is
with either EP.Deca or EP.Boldenone and an oral like Ep.Primo or Turinabol.